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TeleCash is a Germany based company. Telecash supports transactions in various currencies.


What you need to start

You receive from IPayment the following information:

  • merchant ID
  • Merchant Password


Gateway Configuration Data

The Telecash product homepage is under:

This package uses a SSL backlink method to submit the data to the url:

You will need the following software installed:

Net::SSLeay v1.15
OpenSSL v0.9.6c

Please check the Net::SSLeay web page for the correct version required:

For the people that don't have Net::SSLeay installed (NT folks),
there is an alternative submission method using:


Please see the main installation instructions for more information on configuring the SSL modules.


Payment Methods

The Supported payment methods are CreditCard, DebitCard and ACH.

Valid values for -ACTION

For CreditCard and DebitCard:

  • TEST

For ACH:




Code to use for The CITY Shop


$MerchantData = {
  -GATEWAY_NAME      => 'Telecash',
-MERCHANT_ID => '8765432',
-MERCHANT_PASSWORD => '8765432', -GATEWAY_CONNECT_METHOD => 'SubmitLWPUserAgent', # or SubmitNetSSLeay -GATEWAY_ALLOWED_CURRENCIES => [qw(USD EUR GBP)], # set here what your account supports };

This merchant gateway REQUIRES the form field CCCICNumber. To remind you, this is the 3 digit credit card security number on the back of the card. You have to flag this as required in the, as follows:

  CCZip CCState CCCountry CCNumber CCExpires CCCICNumber)],

If you configure this for The CITY Shop, that is all you need to know, and you can return to the installation instructions.


Description of the used parameters:

This is the Merchant ID provided to you by the gateway.

This is the Merchant Password provided to you by the gateway.

This is the same as the key used by the "normal" payment gateways, and points to the method used to connect to the gateway site, in order to finalize the transaction. The allowed values are "SubmitLWPUserAgent" and "SubmitNetSSLeay"

Depending on what you agreed for your merchant account to support, you can define in here the currencies that are allowed as method of payment. You might want to restrict this list to a minimum, since your shop accepts payments in only one currency anyway. The default currency is EUR.

This is a flag that you can set on "1" if you want to log the gateway activity

This is the path where the log file will be created. Note that this is a path only, and the script will create there a file named "TELECASH.log"


Used fields

Required Fields:

-TRANSACTION_ID - required for the payment method PRIOR_AUTH_CAPTURE and CREDIT

Optional Fields:



Depending on the payment mode, here are the specific required fields:

For the CreditCard method:

Required Fields:


Optional Fields:



For the ACH method:

Required Fields:


Look in the main install documentation for examples of passing the data to perform a transaction.