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The CITY Shop

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Overview (1.3)

This page was last updated on: 2.January.2008

Please see the Last Updates page for release information!

Important disclaimer for those that don't want to read the license page

This script is provided free.

1. This script is provided free of charge - You may download the script from our download page, and install it following the instructions on our Installation page.
2. Monthly maintenance fee - We can do the install, updates and patches for you, when they are available. The price can be customized depending on the amount of work involved, email us for details.


Installation services

We offer installation service, for a fee. Please consult our "Services" page for information about pricing for our services.


Please take the extra time and rate us at the following scripting resources. Doing so, you will help attract more people to The CITY Shop, and help keep this script a free resource.

We appreciate if you go to the scripting site and add your comments about the script there.

Thank you!

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We welcome ideas for extensions and improvements, but we cannot guarantee that they will be implemented. You can contribute by translating the shop language files in multiple languages, please email us for details.

If you want to link to us, please feel free to do it, and let us know of your installed shop, so we can add it to our shop gallery.

Installation services:

If you consider that you got some value with this script, and want to contribute financially to the free script development, please make use of our card terminal. A receipt for the payment wil be emailed to you.

We want to underline here that we offer all of our scripts as open source, and we will never charge for anything that is distributed in the standard shop distribution.

However, for those that want help with the installation and customization, we offer our services for the hourly fee of $80, payable in advance, on an estimate basis. Please contact us with your needs, we will refine the requirements and shape up a project timeline and cost, and you will pay us at least the half of the amount in advance, the rest at the job completion. We tried to use the payment after job completion for quite a while, and the results were not very encouraging, thus we changed the policy... sorry guys :)

Please check in the Last Updates page, for important update information!

The main idea behind this script is to offer:

  • an object-oriented codebase
  • easy multiple-language and multiple-shop implementation
  • an easy to customize shop interface

The current version implements the following features:

  • customizable menu system
  • category / product pages
  • upsell/cross-sell of items in different shop areas.
  • UPS shipping. Support for tables of prices on regions will be implemented on customer request
  • user login and records management (billing, shipping, credit card). A new user placing an order will be saved in the database at checkout. The users can create, edit, and delete their records on file.
  • order form (save to file, database, and email). The order contents is being saved in the database together with the prices charged at purchase time. Additional to the email sent to the admin, the same data is being saved under Logs/orders, as one file per order, the file having as name the order number.
  • search function for the main database file. The search results are saved in the session file for each user, thus speeding up the browsing.
  • multiple product options. The prices can be defined as a fix amount or percent. The options have their own database, with multiple-language support.
  • discounts: both on a per/item basis, and global. The prices can be defined as fix amount or percent.
  • merchant support for a multitude of online gateways: AuthorizeNet, PayBill, Echo Inc., PCCharge, CyberCash, VeriSign, NovaInfo, IonGate, PsiGate, IntelliPay, LinkPoint. Additional payment gateways will be implemented on customer request, but can be developed by anybody with a basic Perl knowledge. The payment is now processed through the new 'EPI' interface, - read more...>>>
  • As of the last version, we offer support for PayPal and other "link-class" merchants
  • shop manager
  • upload of image files
  • order tracking
  • SQL support
  • Data export and import
  • Smart Tags for static content delivery

The shop does NOT use cookies, although you can enable them if you want.

Features like multiple languages and shops are already in place. The new shop is written in a modular form, plugins and extensions are easy to implement.


We will keep you updated as soon new modules are being finished. For changes in the existing code, please check our "Last Updates" page


We at Nightmedia, are part of the Extropia development group, feel free to check the Extropia page for a lot of very interesting scripts, hacks, and Perl docs. There is also a BBS on the Extropia page, where you can reach all the developers and post scripting requests.



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